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Pauline: Side Donut Chignon

It doesn’t matter how old you are. A great sense of style can be developed at any age, especially in a city like New York where your own personal flair can be as unique as the neighborhood you live in.

Meet Pauline.

As a college student, she thrives off of the frenetic energy, endless activity and ample opportunity offered in the Big Apple. Unfortunately, like many students, big dreams are often accompanied by a very small budget. Of course, this should never put a damper on her ability to look and feel her best! So we did a quick shoot together at Red Market Salon in Union Square, nestled in the center of some of the city’s best restaurants, shops and largest greenmarket.

My plan was to show Pauline a hairstyle that emphasized her youth, charm and elegant demeanor, but was easy enough for her to replicate effortlessly on her own. So I kept is sweet, simple and sophisticated with a Side Donut Chignon.

After cutting the leg of a panty hose about thigh high, I rolled it up into the shape of a donut. The more material you use, the thicker your chignon will be.

I added a spritz of Davines sea salt spray to give some texture and bring a matted color to Pauline’s hair, which gives it a more modern look on blondes. I separated the two sections in the front and made the rest into a side ponytail. I put the donut in middle of the ponytail and start to roll the hair around it. Lastly, for the two front sections, I braided them down the sides and pin them in the back towards the donut, completing the look!

Voila prete pour l’ete!!

Music track from NOVA FRONTEIRA – KEEP IT LIKE THIS. Available via Itunes.