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Get The Modern Faux Bob, Without A Haircut

(Published by Pauline Hevia at heyheygorgeous.com)

David Cotteblanche, co-founder of NYC’s Red Market, shows us a clever way to put your hair in a bob without cutting it. Now you can fashion your hair in the highly sought after 1920′s Great Gatsby look at your next event.


1 Davines Sea Salt Spray

2 Kerastase Styling Spray


1 Spray Davines Sea Salt Spray into your hair to give it texture.

2 Blow dry hair until dry.

3 Split the top and bottom portion of your hair into two equal sections. Clip the top section of your hair away from the bottom.

4 French braid the bottom section of the hair to the left or right side. This will be used as a base. Fold it over itself and clip it, so that it creates an even base of hair above your neck.

5 Using a curling iron, curl about three inches worth of hair into a roll and clip it, as if in a curler. Cover the top of of your head, evenly, with these clipped in curls.

6 Release the curls and brush them downwards, so that the top of your hair is flattened into soft waves and the bottom is curled.

7 Grab the the back section of your hair and tuck over and beneath the braided base so that it covers it and pin.

8 Use your own fun 1920′s hair accessory to personalize the look!

9 Finally, spray Kerastase Styling Spray into the hair to hold it together.