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Sophie and the Charleston Bob

Name: Sophie
Place of Birth: Angers, France
Favorite Music: Eclectic Music
Favorite Curse word: Putain (Meaning “whore” often use in French language like the word FUCK.)

There’s nothing quite like a leisurely summer evening on a rooftop in the city! A group of us were sipping crisp rosé and enjoying a beautiful sunset in the neighborhood of Battery Park. There’s a clear view of the Statue of Liberty in all of her glory—a majestic symbol of the freedom many have grown so accustomed to. And in that very instant I glanced across at Sophie, a friend of mine who works in the restaurant business in downtown Brooklyn.

I admired her petite facial features and long auburn hair. But I imagine a few snips here and there could frame her face quite nicely and bring out that certain “joie de vivre” (joy of life)! Maybe a Modern Charleston Bob? Something easy to manage, sleek, sexy and swanky….

And just like that (because a good stylist is always prepared!), before she could utter the phrase “let freedom ring!” Sophie was seated in front of me, a little apprehensive, yet eager for her transformation to come.

I moistened the hair completely and combed through it. In sections, I took a razor to the ends, liberally cutting off a good 12 inches! Using the razor gave a softness, movement and length to the front, while I then cleaned up the sides and back with scissors to make a nice, angular cut.

Then, I proceeded to do soft layers to emphasize the volume and lightness. I styled the hair with Spray à Porter from Kerastase to bring some texture. I finished the look by using a barrel 3/4 inch to rolled the hair.

Voilà! A femme fatale–Sofie’s new ‘do was fun, fabulous and free!

Music track from Francoise Hardy – Comment de Dire Adieu. Available via iTunes.