Stephanie: Sleek Chic Bun

Stephanie is a young successful woman living on the beautiful west side of NYC. Though her field is in the business of production by the look of her inviting spacious apartment she could do very well in interior decorating or I think that is her calling. Stephanie has becoming our instant favorite girl. Her kindnest and generosity has transcended beyond our camera lens and brushes.

Place of Birth: Westchester, New York.
Favorite music: Eclectic Music
Favorite curse word: Merde (I Did not know what it meant)
Favorite food: Sushi
Favorite color: Blue

Music track: Air -Alone in Kyoto. Available via ITunes.

Stephanie has long layered fine straight hair.
To achieve this sleek chic bun the following are steps to guide you through…

  1. Using a sea salt spray (we used Davines Sea Salt N•9) lightly move hair around for full coverage to add flexible holding texture to the look and add volume
  2. Part hair down the middle
  3. Take medium size section of hair in crown and tease forward for lift. Check proportion
  4. bring crown section back to low pony tail including front two sections.
  5. Take hair in ponytail and lightly tease from ends to ponytail
  6. Roll ends of hair into itself until reaching back of head
  7. pin inside to secure base along rolled bun. Spread hair apart in small movements for messier look
  8. Check proportion of bun
  9. Pin low pieces along neck and on sides closing any holes in design.
  10. Spray a medium hold hairspray for security and shine.
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