Samantha: Screen Siren Va-Va-Volume

Samantha’s wanted to sing on stage since childhood, “I remember being in a play when I was three—I was so afraid to be on stage!” Now she craves it, “I’m actually working on a cabaret right now! On weekends, I seek out karaoke.”

This theater student loves whipping up dishes in her spare time, “I like making the Italian classics like spaghetti and meatballs, I cook dinner every night.” With thick, chocolate-y locks, Samantha’s style options are limitless. “I’m pretty laid back with my hair though. I usually leave it down and keep my natural wave, or just put it up with a sock bun.” We felt an easy-to-style, classic curled look ala Monica Bellucci’s would suit Samantha’s classic star beauty.

Hair How To With David:

1. To begin Samantha’s hairstyle, I gave her a quick trim and created layers for a rounder, bouncier look. Sexy hair is all about layered volume—I wanted to bring sexy back!

2. For great elevation from the base, I parted her hair then applied Kerastase Lift Vertige gel at the roots and combed to distribute.

3. Separating the hair into sections, I used a round brush to dry and smooth her mane. Then, I rolled Samantha’s hair up into big curls and pinned at the head.

4. There’s no need to leave them in long—my goal is loose curls with major volume rather than distinct spirals.

5. After a short time, I removed the pins and brushed out her curls. Focusing a blow drier at the roots, I tousled and teased with my fingers for a lifted, bouncy look.

6. Reshaping Samantha’s side part and scrunching curls here and there to neaten, I back combed at the crown for a burst of volume.

7. Finally, I spritzed with hairspray to complete the look.

Voila! Samantha had screen siren hair with major, sexy volume!

Beauty How To With Roberto:

I’m going to give Samantha strong smoky eyes with a fresh and dewy face! We’ll start this with a great moisturizer base applied evenly with a brush. For smooth skin tone with a healthy shine, I layered a brightening serum in addition to a light foundation. Using a tipped brush then tapping with my finger, I further corrected the tone by blending concealer under the eyes and alongside her nose. Next, I brushed her cheekbones with matte powder and a bit of blush for a fresh glow. For a wickedly smooth complexion, I completed the look with a sweep of hyaluronic powder across the cheeks.

Creating a slick base, I took a creamy pencil liner and smoothed over her lids with a brush. Then, working with the same shadow, I blended the tone and switched brushes for a harder line with more intensity at the lash line and corners. It’s just common sense—harder brushes create cleaner, darker lines while soft brushes easily blend color for the texture you want. For a strong ebony streak, I applied gel liner to thicken the look of Samantha’s lashes. Finally, I applied mascara for a wide-eyed, movie star gaze. I gave her thick, fanned out lashes by applying pressure at the roots and flicking up to catch the thin tips.

Roberto’s Make Up Tips: Mascara got you clumpy? Next time, apply heavy pressure at the roots as you fan the lashes out and flick to the tips. Pressure, flick, problem fixed!

Roberto’s Make Up Tips: Avoiding a hard foundation line is easy—you can wear a turtleneck, or just apply the right shade the first time! An easy trick is to match the cheekbone with the light skin on the neck, and match the darker tones just under the cheekbone with your shoulder blades.


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