Rachel: Princess Bardot

Meet Rachel, a bubbly blonde fresh from nursing school, and ready to spend her time getting to know New York city. “I’m getting married next September at an old plantation—I’m not a typical bride; I’m not really into wedding planning,” she shrugged. Twirling her long, golden hair, Rachel explains that she’s comfortable styling a thick fishtail, but prefers a more laid back look, “most days I just use a wand and flip it up into a braid.” For the big day, she’ll style an updo to match a low back wedding dress.

Rachel and her fiancé have been together for many years, and “live in sin in the Upper East Side,” she laughed. “He’s in finance, like every guy in New York.” Referencing the long working hours, she says their relationship thrives due to its solid base, “we’re really, really good friends.” David felt Brigitte Bardot’s very sexy, relaxed bedhead look would be a great match for Rachel’s understated beauty.

How To:
– First, I wanted to bring volume directly to the base of her crown. I directed air from a high heat blow drier straight up, then teased the roots for a strong lift.

– Then, to create beachy waves and introduce a slight sticky texture for easy-to-style locks, I spritzed Keraste a Porter sea salt spray all over and ran my hands through her hair.

– I used a curling iron to create loose curls at random, then brushed out tangles for body with a tousled twist.

– Beginning Bardot’s signature bump, I separated the top of Rachel’s hair into four equal sections. Curling both sides under, I rolled the top sections towards the back of her head and pinned.

– For frizz control and a highly workable hold, I set the style with Keraste Laque Couture hair spray.

– Since hair-raising volume is our ultimate goal, I brushed out her curls and teased the roots for greater lift. At this point Rachel’s hair was raised at the crown, with subtle waves and a few soft curls.

–  Guaranteeing a great lift, I gathered the now voluminous sections at the peak of her head and pinned at the back—creating a blonde puff of teased blonde locks that fanned from one end of her head to the other. Once more, I sprayed to set her style.

– I curled the remaining hair into a loose chignon behind the bump and secured with pins, allowing strands to fall loosely. No need to overwork Bardot’s bombshell bedhead look!

Voila! We styled Rachel’s long blonde mane into a loose updo with lots of volume—a very sexy classic easily recreated with simple hair supplies.

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