Mallary: The Fishtail & The Cat Eye

“I spend a lot of time in the West Village,” Mallery smiled, sipping white wine at the salon. “It feels really cozy to me—it feels like home.” In a fast-paced, crowded city like New York, it’s important to be feel centered before joining the bustling crowd. Mallery? She’s up for it all. “I’m a very social person,” she continued with a grin, “I like to go out with friends.”

Dressed stylishly in a standout maroon peplum top plus sparkling accent necklace, it comes as no surprise this honey brunette works in the fashion industry. “I would describe my style as pretty feminine, but I like to mix it up!” She laughed. Referring to her ebony moto jacket, “I got this leather jacket post-break up and basically haven’t taken it off since. My style is inspired by coworkers and the industry!” With long, wavy hair, Mallery’s style options are plenty. We felt a kittenish tribute to
classic ‘60s glam—a cat eye—modernized with a teased side pony and loose fishtail ala Blake Lively would complement her look well.
Hair How To With David:
1. Mallery’s beachy-formal fishtail look is all about teased texture, so to begin this style, I spritzed all over with sea salt spray and finger teased for a grittier ‘do.
2. To amplify her volume, I used a blow drier for chunky body. Then, I separated strands of her hair and curled the tips for a softer, natural wave. For this look, only curl the tips!
4. Beginning the fishtail, I drew a section by the ear and braided, leaving the rest of her hair free.
5. Instead of securing with rubber tie, I backcombed to seal the braid. Then, I tugged along the fishtail to loosen Mallary’s braid for a wider, less tidy look.
6. Drawing the remainder of her hair to the same side, I pinned to secure by the base of the braid. At this point, all of her hair was braided or pinned in the same area, and appeared to be a side ponytail with a loose fishtail accent down the center.
7. Next, I teased the remaining hair and scrunched, rolled and pinned to hold by the base of the braid.
8. Finally, I neatened the look with Kerastase K Touch Finale by smoothing stray tendrils and sweeping across the top of her hair.
Voila! The loose fishtail was complete!
Hair Tips:
Now that spring is coming and we’re all dreaming of the sun, everyone’s looking for the soft waves you get from salty beach hair. Capture this look with sea salt spray and a curling iron. Simply spritz, curl then finger comb the spirals into loose waves and you’re ready to go!
Beauty How To With Roberto:
As always, I began with a fresh, clean face. Removing all makeup, I began her look with a moisturizer base. I targeted blues or purples under the eye with a dab of concealer. I further evened her complexion with an allover layer of foundation—keep in mind that I’m blending tones to match Mallary’s natural shade. A single concealer shade all over the face can make you look flat! I contoured the cheeks with blush and bronzer— what I call “shadowing,” and blended to smooth.
Next, I filled in the brow (my darkest shade at the arch) and thickened Mallery’s lash line with a skinny streak of gray liner. For longer-lasting shadow, I applied primer to the lids then blended the shadow. To make her eyes pop, I smoothed a dot of highlighter above and below the brow, and also on the inside of the eye.
I brought the look together with a layer of mascara then lined the lashes with gel liner once more—it takes a few layers to get the pop we’re going for! For a strong cat eye, I marked the point of her liner with dots, and checked that the dots were equidistant and level. Then, I drew the gel liner downwards towards the eye for a statement cat eye. Finally, I completed the look with blended color on the lips. For a perkier pucker, I applied an extra layer of lipstick around the center of the lips. Voila!Mallary’s beauty look was complete, with a striking cat eye!
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