Louise Marie: Chignon Faux Hauk

My friend Louise Marie is the quintessential “gal about town.” She’s sweet, vibrant, full of life and embodies the funky, fresh beat that is the pulse of New York City. She sat in the chair in front of me at Red Market Salon in Union Square, ready to embrace whatever came next—her reflection in the mirror challenging me with bright eyes and an impish, playful grin. What up ‘do could possibly do this urban beauty justice?

None other than the classic, yet edgy Chignon Faux Hawk!

I started ¾ from the top of the eyebrow and made a triangle of the front section of hair towards the crown of her head. I twisted this section and pinned it on the top. I applied Femme Fatale Gel from Kerastase to the sides and back and gathered it up in a high ponytail. I pinned the ponytail on top, loosened the front section, gathered it to the side and carefully covered the ponytail by rolling the two pieces together. This gave the faux hawk some necessary volume and lift. I finished it off with a light spritz of Kerastase Laque Couture.

Voila! As always, Louise Marie is ready to rock!!!

Track from Hudson People -Trip to your Mind. Available via iTunes.

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