Working late at the office but still need to get your hair cut or styled for the next day? Reynald Ricard and David Cotteblanche understand the hectic schedules of polished, working women in Manhattan. Red Market Salon, the one and only late night salon open until 11 PM in New York City, is a perfect solution to the late-night-hair-emergency conundrum, allowing women to balance their demanding work schedules while maintaining their hair. Women don’t just flock to Red Market Salon because of the late night factor, they know that when Cotteblanche is around, they are in good… scissors. Cotteblanche’s work has been featured in fashion shows from Christian Dior, Diane Von Furstenberg, Ralph Lauren, Nicole Miller, and Yohji Yamamoto. He has styled Duran Duran, Hot Chip and has worked for Elle, Town and Country, and Playboy. He is also the hair genius behind the newest, upcoming campaign for Oscar de la Renta. DOWNTOWN interviewed Cotteblanche about his past, his present, and his future. SPOILER ALERT: details on celebrities, Fall hair trends and novel hair tips are all discussed.

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