Julie – Vintage Curls-On-The Go Technique

What’s it like coloring hair in a fast-paced Manhattan salon if you’re not yet fluent in English? “It’s a bit strange, but I’m learning day by day,” Julie said. “I don’t feel stressed, I’m confident in what I’m doing and clients are pleased.” This French blonde with thick, straight hair is new to New York and has been a stylist for five years, fulfilling a childhood dream. Her fashion inspirations include Chanel, “I love that minimalist, classic style,” she said. What is Julie’s go-to daily ‘do? “With my own hair, I like to straighten and curl a little bit then pull into a pony tail.”

Her hair is moderately thick and quite long, so we decided on a loose look, curled with a vintage tissue-curling technique. David Cotteblanche, Red Market salon owner, explains that this method has fallen from popularity due to the prevalence of curling irons, but when you’re traveling or in a pinch for styling supplies, all you need for sultry texture and soft waves is a box of tissue, hair spray and some time.

How To:
1. First, I parted Julie’s hair straight down the center and combed to detangle. For texture that makes hair easier to style, I lightly sprayed with K Keraste Hair Spray.

2. Taking a box of tissues, I rolled a single sheet into a long tube slightly thicker than a pencil. Then, separating a section of hair approximately two inches wide and creating a “T” shape against the tissue, I rolled from the end of the hair under, towards the scalp and knotted loosely.

3. For allover curls, I repeated until every section of Julie’s hair was rolled into tissue-secured ties.

4. This style may be left overnight if you have time, or to quicken the process you may choose heat to instantly set the waves. I directed a hairdryer on medium heat over each curl, then spritzed with hair spray for a stronger hold.

5. Once complete, I untied the soft knots to see Julie’s hair fall into smooth, undulating waves. For a lift at the roots, I used the blow dryer to blow her hair directly up, then finger combed throughout for a natural wave.

6. At this point, her hair was had a pleasant bed-headed vibe. I drew two small sections of hair framing her face to the back, then twisted into a knot at the nape and secured with a bobby pin.

7. To complete Julie’s style, I ran my hands lightly over her hair with a dollop of Davines No 13 to tame any unruly strands.

Voila! Julie’s hair had soft, elegant waves with a laid-back knot.

| Make Up by Roberto Casey

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