Jennifer: Red Carpet Cancan

A New Yorker with laid back vibes from years spent in sunny California, Jennifer studied fine arts at FIT, but ultimately joined Aqua Model Management to enter the fashion with. With long, smooth, straight hair, her style options are as diverse as opportunities in life. “Today I’m going to create a big, 1960’s inspired red carpet look for Jennifer. To keep an updo up all night, you’ll need lots of hairspray and a strong base,” David Cotteblanche explained.

How To:
– First, I split Jennifer’s hair into sections, and clipped extensions around the crown for volume. Since her hair is quite fine, I applied Keraste K Laque Couture hairspray all over for texture.

– I teased a section around the crown of the head, above where a high ponytail would sit. Keeping this pomp, I whipped her hair and the extensions into a ponytail, wrapping sections around the base to secure. I circled the pony tail with bobby pins.

– For brilliant shine, I smoothed a few drops of Keraste Elixir Ultime hair oil throughout.

– Wrapping the ponytail over and around itself into a high, loose bun, I applied pins to surround the extensions and secure flyaway strands.

– To complete the style, I loosely swept the sides back and secured with a few pins and light hairspray for effortless hold.

Voila! Jennifer had a glamorous, red carpet worthy updo with a non-fussy vibe. “When you do an updo, you don’t want it to be too clean. Tease the hair for more density plus a sexy, relaxed look,” David concluded.

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