Jennifer: 1970’s Semi Afro

Meet young Jennifer from Long Island, New York. Jennifer is a nursing student and part-time model. Personally, we love that you are dedicated to nursing but we think modeling should be a full-time career for you!

Jennifer has medium-long straight hair and David wanted to take us back to the music and the styling of the 1970’s. Think back to the Sonny & Cher Show and you’ll totally see where David got his inspiration.

1. Section off crown and pin
2. Take small sections and at root tie in hair elastic (cut so it’s not circular)
3. Holding both sides take hair strand and wrap a “figure 8” all the way to ends and tie another knot to secure
4. Continue this sequence in small sections all over
5. Repeat with crown section
6. Spray all pieces with hairspray then using straightner clamp down quickly on each section
7. Remove all elastic and finger comb out
8. Using soft bristle brush, brush out and style as desired

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