Jacqueline – The Messy Mystique Updo

Meet Jacqueline, an e-marketer in the New York fashion industry. What’s her daily beauty routine? For beauty, “I prefer a more natural look,” Jacqueline stated, “I don’t like to pile it on! I’m more of a minimalist and I don’t like to clutter. It takes maybe 10 minutes to do my hair with a blow dryer in the morning.”

In a world of ever-changing trends, a strong sense of personal style never goes out of fashion. How would this fashionista describe her vibe? “My style is ‘90s grunge with prints and a statement piece, like a necklace. I love my leather jacket – I use it to pull together any outfit.” What’s the look to dress for this season? “For spring, pastels and prints are really in – I own 5-6 pairs of printed pants,” Jacqueline explained with almost a sheepish smile. “I have this blue, beaded necklace to I’ll use to take an outfit to the next level.” Exuding grunge-chic vibes, we felt a modern take on the classic updo would match Jacqueline’s style perfectly.

Hair How To With David:

1. Sleek updos are a glamorous hallmark—but why limit them to formal events? A few bobby pins and a little teasing is all you need for everyday glam! To begin Jacqueline’s style, I combed to detangle then misted all over with Kerastase hair spray.

2. Using a double barrel curler, I separated her hair into 2-3 inch sections and curled for loose waves. This step is all about waves; no curls, no frizz, just waves! I curled the entire head, misting each section lightly with hair spray to set.

3. Working my way to the top layer, I switched to a looser double curler and created spirals to frame Jacqueline’s face. At this stage her mane appeared crimped, with a few ringlets mixed in.

4. Mussing up the back of her head, I teased the crown for messy volume then whipped the majority of her hair into a loose and low ponytail, leaving the curled top section loose.

5. Continuing to tease for volume and beautifully untidy texture, I drew the remaining hair back and over, then pinned at the base for a bouffant look—pin all over to secure. Remember, this updo is all about the mess so if it’s too neat, tease some more!

6. For all-night hold, I completed the look with a final spritz of hair spray.

Voila! A glamorous, messy updo in six quick steps.

Beauty How To With Roberto:

Always start with a clean, make-up free face and moisturize. I used a heavy moisturizer for Jacqueline—you can do this in lieu of a primer if you’d like. Blending several shades of foundation to match her skin tone, I applied all over for an even and matte look. Just a touch of blush and bronzer on the cheeks got Jacqueline glowing—then I swiped a small amount of sparkling eye shadow on the cheeks and blended.

For brighter eyes, I dabbed a bit of highlighter just above the brows and in the corners. To make her hazel eyes glow, I chose purple eyeliner as a shadow base then blended with a fluffy brush for smooth lids. Then, I mixed taupe liner with pearlized shadow and applied just under the eyes. A streak of gel liner and two layers of jet black black mascara completed her eyes. Just a kiss of light color on the lipand Jacqueline’s soft beauty look was complete!

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