Imane: Modern layered braid style

A 24 year old socialite from Morocco who enjoys fashion and food. Working by day, dressing up and finding New York City’s delicacies by night. She’s beautiful, young, outgoing, and her contagious laugh keeps good vibes all around.

For a quick fun and semi formal look we have taken her hair to a modern layered braid style

  1. Section hair in 4 [left and right side from ear forward and top from crown forward and back of crown to nape]
  2. Working in back section divide into 3 smooth ponytails using small elastic [Nape area, occipital area, and crown]
  3. Secure nape pony and continue putting elastics on every 2in or so.
  4. repeat with middle pony tail and bottom crown pony
  5. Taking both side sections into crown area and secure into last pony tail
  6. Now we will take all pony tails going up and securing with hidden bobby pins working your way straight up to top crown section where you will braid or secure your own design down
  7. Front section can now be brought over into natural wave and pinned around crown for finished look
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