Hana: Persian Double Bun Updo

“You always feel young in New York City!” Hana exclaimed, “There’s always new energy to be found here.” French born, yet working for a UK based newspaper and living in the U.S., this financial controller embraces new experiences and travels often; “this year I visited London, Paris and Milan. It’s a treasure to travel and experience new things.”

One thing Hana misses from France is good conversation shared over a glass or two of wine, “I like to be surrounded by intellectuals. It’s great to learn new things and talk politics, the economy and how to be a person of influence.” Based on her delicate and sharp features, we felt a sleek, almost architectural updo would be a chic look for Hana.

How To:

1. To create a glossy, high-rise double bun without a hint of stray hair, I brushed Hana’s mane straight back and sprayed with Keraste K Laque Dentelle Hair Spray for a slight stickiness to makes the hair easier to work with.

2. Gathering it into a handful, I wrapped the hair into a ponytail and secured the base with a hooked elastic. Then, I raised the hair and sprayed just below the tie before misting her entire head. I combed back towards her ponytail to tame flyaways.

3. Bringing my attention to the first bun, I threaded Hana’s ponytail through a medium sized hair donut, then pinned through the base (occasionally through the donut and into the ponytail) for hold.

4. With volume in mind, I teased at the base of hair flowing through the donut.

5. Leaving approximately ¼ free, I angled, then wrapped sections of the ponytail over and around, repeating until the entire donut was covered and pinned at the base.

5. Now, turning my attention the section reserved in the previous step, I threaded this through a smaller donut and pushed it down as if to stack the donuts. Then I angled, wrapped and pinned as before to cover the bun. I positioned the bun create a smooth imaginary line from Hana’s chin to the peak—following the shape of her head to flatter her features.

6. To complete the look, I applied Keraste’s Cristalliste Lumiere Liquide hair serum then smoothed all loose hairs and sprayed to set.

Voila! Hana’s double donut, Persian princess updo was complete.

David’s Hair Tips:
“The hardest thing about an updo is knowing when to walk away,” David said, eyeing Hana’s towering coiffure after spraying and teasing for the last time. “Updos can be a tricky—too much product and styling could make it tacky. Consider your facial structure and hair texture when choosing your best look.” If you’re styling a high bun like Hana’s, ensure a clean line from your jawline to the peak of the ‘do for the most flattering look.

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