Danielle: Romantic Flower Bun

Place of Birth: Westchester, New York.
Favorite music: Eclectic music from Lana Del Rey to Rap music
Favorite curse word: None
Favorite color: Pink

Danielle grew up in Westchester and NYC and now owns and directs her own yoga studio, Katonah Yoga Studio, located in the Chelsea area. She is a young successful NYC woman and a very talented amateur chef.

Music track: Brazilian Love Bird (Produced by Michaelangelo L’Aqua)
Nat “King Cole $ Bebel Gilberto – Generations EP

Products/Tools: Blow dryer, Davines Sea Salt, Kerastase Laque couture medium hold spray, Kerastase gold elixar serum.

  1. While blowing out wet hair spray evely with product salt
  2. Part hair slightly off center
  3. Taking two small equal sections from front, twist and pin for later.
  4. Place accessory in hair (head band) –>to keep in place bring hair back into 2 parallel sections and tie back mid section above where you want the band to stay
  5. Tease hair into pony tail for stability.
  6. Bring both sections (Bottom and mid) together, rolling from ends forward into back of head.
  7. Pin inside securely along the whole length of rolled hair.
  8. Bring ends of rolled hair into side head and pin to close any gaps.
  9. Add additional accessory (we cut flowers from a vase bouquet)
  10. Unpin front 2 pieces and gently wrap around headband tucking into hair behind ear and pin for security
  11. Final touch, Kerastase Medium hold spray for shine and hiding frizz
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