Daaimah: Frohawk

A real estate agent by day and entertainment aficionado by night, leather-clad Daaimah sums up her New York panache in one phrase; “I’m a Brooklyn girl!”

“I’m from ProPro,” she continues—what those in-the-know call Prospect Heights. Where’s the action on a Saturday night? She recommends Franklin Park, a burger joint out front with a lively, diverse bar in the back. “It’s everything that Brooklyn stands for—Jamaicans with big Rasta hair, hipsters,” tourists, and many colorful characters. If you’re barhopping, “try the Cucumber Tequila at Chavelas. It’s delicious, and has a great salt and chili pepper rim.”

Daaimah occasionally models, and laughs while explaining her draw towards fashion, “I love the creativity and the glam; it sucks me in!” David wanted to play with Daaimah’s thick curls and create a fun, edgy look perfect for a chic night out in NYC, or easily tamed for a day at the office.

How To:
– For a sleek, wet hold, I blended Mix Forme Fatale hair gel with water and slicked her hair up on one side of the head, combing to keep it flat.

– Keeping Daaimah’s hair taunt, I pinned in a line from front towards the back, reinforcing with a second row.

– I used a blow drier to set the gel, then confirmed the hold with another round of combing, gel and misted water. I then repeated these steps on her other side.

– Once the sides were firmly pinned, I brushed out the curls at the top of her head and teased them vigorously for a big, blown out look. At this point, Daaimah’s hair was pinned flat on both sides with the center teased—her hair looked devilishly wild!

– Reigning in this thick style, I split the hair into two parts and spun them into the center, pinning evenly from front to back for a neat fold.

– To complete the look, I teased the front of her ‘do further, then styled it into a rounded shape and sprayed with Keraste Laque Couture hair spray to finish.

Voila! Daaimah left the salon with a sleek frohawk she could wear out on the town, or tidy up for a day at work.

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