Daaimah: Afro French Twist

Name: Daaimah
Place of Birth: New Jersey, USA.
Favorite music: Lana Del Rey at the moment
Favorite curse word: Shit! (that’s it really?)

Daaimah is a very hard working young lady who studies very hard in the field of science. David created an Afro French Twist which is perfect for a cocktail soiree or night out at the Opera.

Steps to Afro French Twist

  1. Products/Tools: Crimper, bobby pins, Kerastase Laque Couture Medium Hold Spray
  2. Part hair off center to the side.
  3. Crimp various pieces of hair from front bang to side area and back
  4. Smooth down and wrap around left side section of hair from side to back directing towards right side,
  5. Securely place staggard pins up the middle to create base
  6. Leaving out crimped bang section, bring right side section of hair into middle
  7. Bring both sectioned (left and right pieces) hair together to twist around and pin inside
  8. Pin going up as you secure the twist around and inside itself
  9. Bring around bang piece lightly (keeping volume inside crimped bang) and pin ends inside top of back twist
  10. Spray for hold and shine

The Music is from Kartell – Pentera, EP Riviera.  Available via iTunes.


Kartell -Pentera

Original song by The Jones Girls – Who Can I run to
This girls can sing!

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