Christie Brinkley for Downtown Magazine Photoshoot

Sarah – Scarlett Johansen’s Bouncy Curls

Dressed casually in lace-up booties, acid-wash boyfriend jeans and a crisp chiffon top, fashion student Sarah described her role in the industry. “I’m a design student at FIT—still learning exactly what I want to do, though I know I want to create women’s wear.” Her studies are grounded in looks she might personally wear. Accessorizing simply with a chunky beaded necklace plus chains and glass accents, the cutouts at her shoulders and layered neutrals contributed to a trendy and casual vibe.

“I have a couple of tattoos,” Sarah intimated, eyes sparkling. “I have one on my lower back that I got very young—my parents were not happy. My mother always called me the wild child,” she continued. She laughed often, and we felt a bubbly, curled look inspired by Scarlett Johansen’s unassuming beauty would complement Sarah’s style.

How To:
1. First, I created a side part in Sarah’s hair and blended Keraste Lift Vertige Fixation Gel into the roots for a dense, textured lift.

2. Then, I misted all over with K Keraste Hair Spray. Lightly applying hair spray prior to heat styling gives it great texture for a workable hold.

3. Sarah’s hair was now smooth at the roots, but I wanted bouncy volume at the ends so I blasted air from the blowdryer straight up and tousled.

4. To reduce frizz, I loosely styled with my fingers, then heated a flat iron and began straightening two inch sections from root to tip.

6. Styling away from the face, I flicked the end of Sarah’s hair into curls, a subtler version of Farrah Fawcett’s iconic look. Curling away from the face nicely frames your features!
7. For allover curls, I periodically lifted the upper layer of Sarah’s thick hair to curl underneath, alternating directions until her entire head was styled.

8. Once more, I used the blow drier to spray up from under the hair and tousled for body.

9. Smoothing things back down, I spritzed with Davines Sea Salt Spray and reshaped her curls by hand for a devil-may-care bounce.

10. To finish Sarah’s look with a smooth and brilliant shine, I applied Keraste Gloss Appeal to control flyaways.

Voila! Sarah’s hair was now styled into a lively bob channeling one of Scarlett Johansen’s best curled looks.

RobertoOur guest makeup artist Robert dances to the beat of his own drum. He applied Julie and Sarah’s makeup backwards, a trick learned while teaching women to perfect their makeup. “When I apply it backwards, the only thing blocking their face is the brush. They can watch what I do in the mirror and learn it,” he said. “I love, love, love to teach makeup. I teach classes of up to eight people at a time—eight different eyes, eight different looks.”

What drew Robert to the industry? “Working at a department store once, I once saw an uber-hot woman walk up to the M.A.C counter and said, why am I hanging out with guys in the back, when I could be hanging out with her?” he laughed. It took time to get into the rhythm; “I absolutely hated makeup until I figured out why I actually like it. I like the instant gratification. I love stepping back and saying, ‘wow, I did that?’”

Musically inclined with impressive dance moves shown later in the evening, Robert explained that his background is in drumming, though he currently plays the guitar in a band. Infectious laughter and frequent smiles punctuated his makeup application. Robert created simple, natural beauty looks for both Julie and Sarah, with impressively fresh looks in shimmering earth tones.

Jennifer: Red Carpet Cancan

A New Yorker with laid back vibes from years spent in sunny California, Jennifer studied fine arts at FIT, but ultimately joined Aqua Model Management to enter the fashion with. With long, smooth, straight hair, her style options are as diverse as opportunities in life. “Today I’m going to create a big, 1960’s inspired red carpet look for Jennifer. To keep an updo up all night, you’ll need lots of hairspray and a strong base,” David Cotteblanche explained.

How To:
– First, I split Jennifer’s hair into sections, and clipped extensions around the crown for volume. Since her hair is quite fine, I applied Keraste K Laque Couture hairspray all over for texture.

– I teased a section around the crown of the head, above where a high ponytail would sit. Keeping this pomp, I whipped her hair and the extensions into a ponytail, wrapping sections around the base to secure. I circled the pony tail with bobby pins.

– For brilliant shine, I smoothed a few drops of Keraste Elixir Ultime hair oil throughout.

– Wrapping the ponytail over and around itself into a high, loose bun, I applied pins to surround the extensions and secure flyaway strands.

– To complete the style, I loosely swept the sides back and secured with a few pins and light hairspray for effortless hold.

Voila! Jennifer had a glamorous, red carpet worthy updo with a non-fussy vibe. “When you do an updo, you don’t want it to be too clean. Tease the hair for more density plus a sexy, relaxed look,” David concluded.

“Happy’ Mondays! by HAIR BY DAVID

David Cotteblanche as the Stylist
Roberto Casey as the Make up Artist
Didier Huet as the Videographer/Photographer
Julie Tracy as the Copywriter
Sarah Traver as Happy Monday Model 2
Julie Cotta as the Happy Monday Model 2

Get The Modern Faux Bob, Without A Haircut

(Published by Pauline Hevia at

David Cotteblanche, co-founder of NYC’s Red Market, shows us a clever way to put your hair in a bob without cutting it. Now you can fashion your hair in the highly sought after 1920′s Great Gatsby look at your next event.


1 Davines Sea Salt Spray

2 Kerastase Styling Spray


1 Spray Davines Sea Salt Spray into your hair to give it texture.

2 Blow dry hair until dry.

3 Split the top and bottom portion of your hair into two equal sections. Clip the top section of your hair away from the bottom.

4 French braid the bottom section of the hair to the left or right side. This will be used as a base. Fold it over itself and clip it, so that it creates an even base of hair above your neck.

5 Using a curling iron, curl about three inches worth of hair into a roll and clip it, as if in a curler. Cover the top of of your head, evenly, with these clipped in curls.

6 Release the curls and brush them downwards, so that the top of your hair is flattened into soft waves and the bottom is curled.

7 Grab the the back section of your hair and tuck over and beneath the braided base so that it covers it and pin.

8 Use your own fun 1920′s hair accessory to personalize the look!

9 Finally, spray Kerastase Styling Spray into the hair to hold it together.

Rachel: Princess Bardot

Meet Rachel, a bubbly blonde fresh from nursing school, and ready to spend her time getting to know New York city. “I’m getting married next September at an old plantation—I’m not a typical bride; I’m not really into wedding planning,” she shrugged. Twirling her long, golden hair, Rachel explains that she’s comfortable styling a thick fishtail, but prefers a more laid back look, “most days I just use a wand and flip it up into a braid.” For the big day, she’ll style an updo to match a low back wedding dress.

Rachel and her fiancé have been together for many years, and “live in sin in the Upper East Side,” she laughed. “He’s in finance, like every guy in New York.” Referencing the long working hours, she says their relationship thrives due to its solid base, “we’re really, really good friends.” David felt Brigitte Bardot’s very sexy, relaxed bedhead look would be a great match for Rachel’s understated beauty.

How To:
– First, I wanted to bring volume directly to the base of her crown. I directed air from a high heat blow drier straight up, then teased the roots for a strong lift.

– Then, to create beachy waves and introduce a slight sticky texture for easy-to-style locks, I spritzed Keraste a Porter sea salt spray all over and ran my hands through her hair.

– I used a curling iron to create loose curls at random, then brushed out tangles for body with a tousled twist.

– Beginning Bardot’s signature bump, I separated the top of Rachel’s hair into four equal sections. Curling both sides under, I rolled the top sections towards the back of her head and pinned.

– For frizz control and a highly workable hold, I set the style with Keraste Laque Couture hair spray.

– Since hair-raising volume is our ultimate goal, I brushed out her curls and teased the roots for greater lift. At this point Rachel’s hair was raised at the crown, with subtle waves and a few soft curls.

–  Guaranteeing a great lift, I gathered the now voluminous sections at the peak of her head and pinned at the back—creating a blonde puff of teased blonde locks that fanned from one end of her head to the other. Once more, I sprayed to set her style.

– I curled the remaining hair into a loose chignon behind the bump and secured with pins, allowing strands to fall loosely. No need to overwork Bardot’s bombshell bedhead look!

Voila! We styled Rachel’s long blonde mane into a loose updo with lots of volume—a very sexy classic easily recreated with simple hair supplies.

Adrienne: Vintage-Modern Bob

Adrienne strolled in with knee high, zip-up patent leather boots, jet-black stockings and a slim fit olive dress. Once in our salon seat, off came the leather jacket, and out came a plunging V back cutout—a surprising flash of skin. This New Jersey girl is full of surprises! What are her favorite fashion basics? “I like my boots. I like edgy, different looks. I mix things up, and I like my leather jacket.”

Adrienne is an active, health conscious model who enjoys cross country runs. Describing last year’s Color Me Rad run; “you get covered in color, you look like a tie dyed shirt,” she laughed. For motivation to dash across the finish line she says, “you’ve made it this far, why would you quit now?” To update her ‘do, David Cotteblanche took cues from vintage bobs and injected modern volume.

How To:
– For Adrienne’s hair, I decided to start with a gloss to remove highlights and make her color richer. The gloss we used was demi permanent, so it will slowly fade as her hair glows.

– First, I trimmed into her hair, which was naturally quite thick with wavy-curly texture. I layered at an angle from the jawline to the back of her head raise volume—layers in a roundish shape.

– Then the styling began. I spritzed all over with Sea Salt Kerastase spray to enhance the waves and create texture. Scrunching these waves for more definition, I used a diffuser to mostly dry her hair. To avoid frizz and protect the shape, I kept it on medium speed with soft heat.

– For all over volume, I used a blow drier to blow air straight up. At this point, Adrienne had a head full of big, bouncy curls—her vibe was a 1930s post-flapper lady with major modern sass.

– To shine and define, I squeezed the curls with a pinch of pomade, Glossy Plasidue No. 6. I scrunched and repeated until ringlets were a sexy mix of defined and defiant. Since her hair seemed a bit too dry at this point, I used more salt spray to give the style it a more natural look.

Voila! Adrienne walked out with a modern bob that nodded to the classic.


Lourdes: Slicked-Back Hairstyle

Lourdes comes to New York from Puerto Rico and is a photojournalist here in the city. She studied at the International Center of Photography where she graduated in 2010.

David wanted to go with a slicked-back sophisticated look for very sophisticated woman. Lourdes has beautiful facial features and this sleek, yet elegant style allows for her features to really shine through and we love that the length of her hair elegantly follows her jawline and then cascades softly around her shoulders.


1. Blow out hair smoothing out
2. Pin curl large sections on crown going back and down sides
3. Remove pins and lightly tease top base of front crown
4. Secure bottom half section smoothed back with bobby pins
5. Bringing teased crown section back smooth down straight
6 spray to secure classic look

Jennifer: 1970’s Semi Afro

Meet young Jennifer from Long Island, New York. Jennifer is a nursing student and part-time model. Personally, we love that you are dedicated to nursing but we think modeling should be a full-time career for you!

Jennifer has medium-long straight hair and David wanted to take us back to the music and the styling of the 1970’s. Think back to the Sonny & Cher Show and you’ll totally see where David got his inspiration.

1. Section off crown and pin
2. Take small sections and at root tie in hair elastic (cut so it’s not circular)
3. Holding both sides take hair strand and wrap a “figure 8” all the way to ends and tie another knot to secure
4. Continue this sequence in small sections all over
5. Repeat with crown section
6. Spray all pieces with hairspray then using straightner clamp down quickly on each section
7. Remove all elastic and finger comb out
8. Using soft bristle brush, brush out and style as desired

Victoria: Fashion side chignon

Victoria is an Assistant Fashion designer in New York City. When she’s not designing, this North Carolina native likes to unwind, relax and try to stay pretty low-key. But don’t be mistaken, Victoria also likes to go out and enjoy New York City’s nightlife. Catch her on the dance floor one night and you’ll discover that this girl has more that just fashion design on her mind.

Fashion side chignon

1. Pull hair back into a sleek low side ponytail.
2. Using Kérastase Laque Couture Hair Spray, generously spray the ponytail and then pull it through a hair donut sponge.
3. Take bobby pins start to take sections of ponytail and wrap around it around the donut pinning as you tuck hair around it.
4. Smooth and finish with more hairspray.