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Client: American Express
Filmmaker :Norry Norry Niven
Designer: Alejandra Burguette
Photography :Sam Wallander Laurent Elie Badessi
Editing:Justin Derry and Sai Selvarajan and John Hunter
Stylist:Freddie Leiba
make up:Bernadine Bibiano
Hair: David cotteblanche Nicole Cyrese Eventoff and Tina Maria Martinez



Summer is still in full swing and with it hours upon hours spent in the sun and by the water. But it’s not all long, warm nights, sun-kissed skin and braided hair, because summer also presents some haircare challenges.

One of them is the frizz that humidity always brings along. Luckily, there are products to help fend off the frizz. Kérastase Discipline Fluidealiste is great for unruly hair looking for smoothness. By using the cleaner, conditioner, and spray, you can rule those locks like a true professional. For quick touchups on the go, Oribe’s Imperméable Anti-Humidity Spray comes in a size that fits in any bag.




David Cotteblanche is not only the owner of Red Market Salon, but also a top New York City hairstylist. His work has been featured in the fashion shows of top designers like Yohji Yamamoto, Christian Dior, Diane Von Furstenberg, Ralph Lauren and Nicole Miller. He has styled photo shoots for styled photo shoots for Elle, Town & Country, Gotham Magazine and Playboy. Beyond traditional high-end fashion, he has also helped style plenty of well-known musicians, including Duran Duran and Hot Chip.

Jessica Minh Ahn / Photo: Sophie Kietzmann

Jessica Minh Ahn / Photo: Sophie Kietzmann

Following David’s styling of Jessica Minh Ahn for a recent New York fashion show, David caught up with Downtown for some Q&A. More info on David and Red Market can be found online at

How did you hear about Jessica and her fashion show coming to New York City? Did you know her prior to her coming to the New York area?

David Cotteblanche: I heard about Jessica from my friend Mikael Vojinovic. He is a top photographer in France. I started to work with him doing photoshoot in New York City 20 years ago. He connected me with Jessica when he was shooting her in Venice. I never worked with her before. Mikael advised me to go with her project.

Christie Brinkley for Downtown Magazine Photoshoot

Get The Modern Faux Bob, Without A Haircut

(Published by Pauline Hevia at

David Cotteblanche, co-founder of NYC’s Red Market, shows us a clever way to put your hair in a bob without cutting it. Now you can fashion your hair in the highly sought after 1920′s Great Gatsby look at your next event.


1 Davines Sea Salt Spray

2 Kerastase Styling Spray


1 Spray Davines Sea Salt Spray into your hair to give it texture.

2 Blow dry hair until dry.

3 Split the top and bottom portion of your hair into two equal sections. Clip the top section of your hair away from the bottom.

4 French braid the bottom section of the hair to the left or right side. This will be used as a base. Fold it over itself and clip it, so that it creates an even base of hair above your neck.

5 Using a curling iron, curl about three inches worth of hair into a roll and clip it, as if in a curler. Cover the top of of your head, evenly, with these clipped in curls.

6 Release the curls and brush them downwards, so that the top of your hair is flattened into soft waves and the bottom is curled.

7 Grab the the back section of your hair and tuck over and beneath the braided base so that it covers it and pin.

8 Use your own fun 1920′s hair accessory to personalize the look!

9 Finally, spray Kerastase Styling Spray into the hair to hold it together.