Kelly: Long Fishtail Braid Look

Kelly is a law student studying at Seton Hall University and a recent Hoboken resident.  When the blonde bombshell isn’t focused on her schoolwork Kelly is the quintessential fun beach girl who loves to dance and listen to house music.  When she arrived with her bouncy blonde mane we knew we wanted to try something different then her usual beachy waves and give her a bit more edge with a long fishtail braid and a pulled back side wave.

When she arrived with her bouncy blonde mane we knew we wanted to try something different then her usual beachy waves and give her a bit more edge with a long fishtail braid and a pulled back side wave.

  • Name: Kelly
  • Place of Birth: Basking Ridge, New Jersey
  • Favorite Music: House Music
  • Favorite Curse word: Fuck

Music Track: Chaka Kan – Hollywood

Music Track: Janelle Monáe – Tightrope (feat. Big Boi)

Kelly’s long fishtail braid

  1. Smooth hair into low off-center ponytail using Kerastase Forme Fatale
  2. Take ponytail and braid into fishtail style
  3. Bring fishtail from back pinning onto hairline
  4. Secure ends into hair with pin and finished.

Miss Eva: Rock French Twist

Eva says she feels the most beautiful when she’s laughing- this becomes very apparent to anyone she surrounds. The New Hope native and part-time Aussie, Eva is a young, beautiful aspiring stylist living in downtown New York City. Recently living in Australia, Eva made her way back to NY with her fiance to focus on fashion, styling and a career in acting. Her style is effortless chic and she wishes every beach could be a nude beach…

Eva’s infectious personalty warms all those around her. Theres never a dull moment with Eva which is why it seemed natural to turn up the volume with this punk rock inspired do.

  • Place of birth: New Hope, PA
  • Favorite music: Indie
  • Favorite curse word: Fuck
  • Favorite food: Sushi
  • Favorite color: Yellow & emerald

Eva’s rock out French twist.

  1. First backcombing giant sections to create volume
  2. Using a paddle brush gently brush back to smooth
  3. Twist all the way up the back to create a french twist and roll
  4. Create a shape in the front mimicking a pompadour
  5. Finish with  laque couture of kerastase

Music Track by: The Black Keys – Howlin’ for You

Stephanie: Sleek Chic Bun

Stephanie is a young successful woman living on the beautiful west side of NYC. Though her field is in the business of production by the look of her inviting spacious apartment she could do very well in interior decorating or I think that is her calling. Stephanie has becoming our instant favorite girl. Her kindnest and generosity has transcended beyond our camera lens and brushes.

Place of Birth: Westchester, New York.
Favorite music: Eclectic Music
Favorite curse word: Merde (I Did not know what it meant)
Favorite food: Sushi
Favorite color: Blue

Music track: Air -Alone in Kyoto. Available via ITunes.

Stephanie has long layered fine straight hair.
To achieve this sleek chic bun the following are steps to guide you through…

  1. Using a sea salt spray (we used Davines Sea Salt N•9) lightly move hair around for full coverage to add flexible holding texture to the look and add volume
  2. Part hair down the middle
  3. Take medium size section of hair in crown and tease forward for lift. Check proportion
  4. bring crown section back to low pony tail including front two sections.
  5. Take hair in ponytail and lightly tease from ends to ponytail
  6. Roll ends of hair into itself until reaching back of head
  7. pin inside to secure base along rolled bun. Spread hair apart in small movements for messier look
  8. Check proportion of bun
  9. Pin low pieces along neck and on sides closing any holes in design.
  10. Spray a medium hold hairspray for security and shine.

Danielle: Romantic Flower Bun

Place of Birth: Westchester, New York.
Favorite music: Eclectic music from Lana Del Rey to Rap music
Favorite curse word: None
Favorite color: Pink

Danielle grew up in Westchester and NYC and now owns and directs her own yoga studio, Katonah Yoga Studio, located in the Chelsea area. She is a young successful NYC woman and a very talented amateur chef.

Music track: Brazilian Love Bird (Produced by Michaelangelo L’Aqua)
Nat “King Cole $ Bebel Gilberto – Generations EP

Products/Tools: Blow dryer, Davines Sea Salt, Kerastase Laque couture medium hold spray, Kerastase gold elixar serum.

  1. While blowing out wet hair spray evely with product salt
  2. Part hair slightly off center
  3. Taking two small equal sections from front, twist and pin for later.
  4. Place accessory in hair (head band) –>to keep in place bring hair back into 2 parallel sections and tie back mid section above where you want the band to stay
  5. Tease hair into pony tail for stability.
  6. Bring both sections (Bottom and mid) together, rolling from ends forward into back of head.
  7. Pin inside securely along the whole length of rolled hair.
  8. Bring ends of rolled hair into side head and pin to close any gaps.
  9. Add additional accessory (we cut flowers from a vase bouquet)
  10. Unpin front 2 pieces and gently wrap around headband tucking into hair behind ear and pin for security
  11. Final touch, Kerastase Medium hold spray for shine and hiding frizz

Daaimah: Afro French Twist

Name: Daaimah
Place of Birth: New Jersey, USA.
Favorite music: Lana Del Rey at the moment
Favorite curse word: Shit! (that’s it really?)

Daaimah is a very hard working young lady who studies very hard in the field of science. David created an Afro French Twist which is perfect for a cocktail soiree or night out at the Opera.

Steps to Afro French Twist

  1. Products/Tools: Crimper, bobby pins, Kerastase Laque Couture Medium Hold Spray
  2. Part hair off center to the side.
  3. Crimp various pieces of hair from front bang to side area and back
  4. Smooth down and wrap around left side section of hair from side to back directing towards right side,
  5. Securely place staggard pins up the middle to create base
  6. Leaving out crimped bang section, bring right side section of hair into middle
  7. Bring both sectioned (left and right pieces) hair together to twist around and pin inside
  8. Pin going up as you secure the twist around and inside itself
  9. Bring around bang piece lightly (keeping volume inside crimped bang) and pin ends inside top of back twist
  10. Spray for hold and shine

The Music is from Kartell – Pentera, EP Riviera.  Available via iTunes.


Kartell -Pentera

Original song by The Jones Girls – Who Can I run to
This girls can sing!

Anastasia: Exotic Undulated Extensions

Name: Anastasia
Place of Birth: Odessa, Ukraine.
Favorite music: Deep House Music
Favorite curse word: I Forgot to ask her

Anastasia is a colorist at Red Market Salon in New York City. She has been asking me to be part of Happy Mondays for a while. So here she is!

She wanted something wild. I went for the wild and wavy extensions in the back of her head and an overall exotic style.

Here finish look is great for a wild and crazy night out in the city.

Products/Tools: Davines Sea Salt, Kerastase Laque Couture Medium hold spray, Volumizing foam, Extensions, bobby pins, blow dryer

  1. Part hair on side, evenly spreading volumizing foam all over
  2. Section hair, blow out top section into pincurls for added volume
  3. twist right side section and pin away for later
  4. Blow out back of hair adding sea salt for texture and wave
  5. Pin in extensions section by section, teasing hair for security
  6. Lightly finger tease all hair for volume and messy look
  7. Top front section can be smoothed and brought into twist around curve of head pinning into hidden back section and pin along twisted roll as well
  8. Take out pinned side section
  9. Smooth side sectioon tightly back and into hidden teased hair in the back of head. Pin securely
  10. Tease, secure, spray, finish!

The Music is from is from Quantic and Alice Russel and the with Combo Barébero -Look around the Corner. Available via iTunes.


Quantic and Alice Russel and the with Combo Barébero -Look around the Corner

Pauline: Side Donut Chignon

It doesn’t matter how old you are. A great sense of style can be developed at any age, especially in a city like New York where your own personal flair can be as unique as the neighborhood you live in.

Meet Pauline.

As a college student, she thrives off of the frenetic energy, endless activity and ample opportunity offered in the Big Apple. Unfortunately, like many students, big dreams are often accompanied by a very small budget. Of course, this should never put a damper on her ability to look and feel her best! So we did a quick shoot together at Red Market Salon in Union Square, nestled in the center of some of the city’s best restaurants, shops and largest greenmarket.

My plan was to show Pauline a hairstyle that emphasized her youth, charm and elegant demeanor, but was easy enough for her to replicate effortlessly on her own. So I kept is sweet, simple and sophisticated with a Side Donut Chignon.

After cutting the leg of a panty hose about thigh high, I rolled it up into the shape of a donut. The more material you use, the thicker your chignon will be.

I added a spritz of Davines sea salt spray to give some texture and bring a matted color to Pauline’s hair, which gives it a more modern look on blondes. I separated the two sections in the front and made the rest into a side ponytail. I put the donut in middle of the ponytail and start to roll the hair around it. Lastly, for the two front sections, I braided them down the sides and pin them in the back towards the donut, completing the look!

Voila prete pour l’ete!!

Music track from NOVA FRONTEIRA – KEEP IT LIKE THIS. Available via Itunes.

Louise Marie: Chignon Faux Hauk

My friend Louise Marie is the quintessential “gal about town.” She’s sweet, vibrant, full of life and embodies the funky, fresh beat that is the pulse of New York City. She sat in the chair in front of me at Red Market Salon in Union Square, ready to embrace whatever came next—her reflection in the mirror challenging me with bright eyes and an impish, playful grin. What up ‘do could possibly do this urban beauty justice?

None other than the classic, yet edgy Chignon Faux Hawk!

I started ¾ from the top of the eyebrow and made a triangle of the front section of hair towards the crown of her head. I twisted this section and pinned it on the top. I applied Femme Fatale Gel from Kerastase to the sides and back and gathered it up in a high ponytail. I pinned the ponytail on top, loosened the front section, gathered it to the side and carefully covered the ponytail by rolling the two pieces together. This gave the faux hawk some necessary volume and lift. I finished it off with a light spritz of Kerastase Laque Couture.

Voila! As always, Louise Marie is ready to rock!!!

Track from Hudson People -Trip to your Mind. Available via iTunes.