Adrienne: Vintage-Modern Bob

Adrienne strolled in with knee high, zip-up patent leather boots, jet-black stockings and a slim fit olive dress. Once in our salon seat, off came the leather jacket, and out came a plunging V back cutout—a surprising flash of skin. This New Jersey girl is full of surprises! What are her favorite fashion basics? “I like my boots. I like edgy, different looks. I mix things up, and I like my leather jacket.”

Adrienne is an active, health conscious model who enjoys cross country runs. Describing last year’s Color Me Rad run; “you get covered in color, you look like a tie dyed shirt,” she laughed. For motivation to dash across the finish line she says, “you’ve made it this far, why would you quit now?” To update her ‘do, David Cotteblanche took cues from vintage bobs and injected modern volume.

How To:
– For Adrienne’s hair, I decided to start with a gloss to remove highlights and make her color richer. The gloss we used was demi permanent, so it will slowly fade as her hair glows.

– First, I trimmed into her hair, which was naturally quite thick with wavy-curly texture. I layered at an angle from the jawline to the back of her head raise volume—layers in a roundish shape.

– Then the styling began. I spritzed all over with Sea Salt Kerastase spray to enhance the waves and create texture. Scrunching these waves for more definition, I used a diffuser to mostly dry her hair. To avoid frizz and protect the shape, I kept it on medium speed with soft heat.

– For all over volume, I used a blow drier to blow air straight up. At this point, Adrienne had a head full of big, bouncy curls—her vibe was a 1930s post-flapper lady with major modern sass.

– To shine and define, I squeezed the curls with a pinch of pomade, Glossy Plasidue No. 6. I scrunched and repeated until ringlets were a sexy mix of defined and defiant. Since her hair seemed a bit too dry at this point, I used more salt spray to give the style it a more natural look.

Voila! Adrienne walked out with a modern bob that nodded to the classic.


Lourdes: Slicked-Back Hairstyle

Lourdes comes to New York from Puerto Rico and is a photojournalist here in the city. She studied at the International Center of Photography where she graduated in 2010.

David wanted to go with a slicked-back sophisticated look for very sophisticated woman. Lourdes has beautiful facial features and this sleek, yet elegant style allows for her features to really shine through and we love that the length of her hair elegantly follows her jawline and then cascades softly around her shoulders.


1. Blow out hair smoothing out
2. Pin curl large sections on crown going back and down sides
3. Remove pins and lightly tease top base of front crown
4. Secure bottom half section smoothed back with bobby pins
5. Bringing teased crown section back smooth down straight
6 spray to secure classic look

Jennifer: 1970’s Semi Afro

Meet young Jennifer from Long Island, New York. Jennifer is a nursing student and part-time model. Personally, we love that you are dedicated to nursing but we think modeling should be a full-time career for you!

Jennifer has medium-long straight hair and David wanted to take us back to the music and the styling of the 1970’s. Think back to the Sonny & Cher Show and you’ll totally see where David got his inspiration.

1. Section off crown and pin
2. Take small sections and at root tie in hair elastic (cut so it’s not circular)
3. Holding both sides take hair strand and wrap a “figure 8” all the way to ends and tie another knot to secure
4. Continue this sequence in small sections all over
5. Repeat with crown section
6. Spray all pieces with hairspray then using straightner clamp down quickly on each section
7. Remove all elastic and finger comb out
8. Using soft bristle brush, brush out and style as desired

Victoria: Fashion side chignon

Victoria is an Assistant Fashion designer in New York City. When she’s not designing, this North Carolina native likes to unwind, relax and try to stay pretty low-key. But don’t be mistaken, Victoria also likes to go out and enjoy New York City’s nightlife. Catch her on the dance floor one night and you’ll discover that this girl has more that just fashion design on her mind.

Fashion side chignon

1. Pull hair back into a sleek low side ponytail.
2. Using Kérastase Laque Couture Hair Spray, generously spray the ponytail and then pull it through a hair donut sponge.
3. Take bobby pins start to take sections of ponytail and wrap around it around the donut pinning as you tuck hair around it.
4. Smooth and finish with more hairspray.

Natalie: Sophia Loren-inspired look

Introducing Natalie, a transplant from Charlotte, North Carolina. Natalie moved to New York City to follow her passion for fashion and works in the fashion industry.

This young woman has an extremely contagious smile that could easily turn into a pandemic. There is definitely something romantic about her and she has an exquisite beauty. Her well-defined facial features reminded us a little bit of Sophia Loren in her early 20′s. David took that as inspiration and created a very classy and sophisticated Sophia Loren-inspired style.

Sophia Loren-inspired look

1.Shampoo hair, towel dry then use Kérastase Mousse Bouffante, combing it evenly through hair.
2.Blow dry hair and then take ¾” sections of hair to create pin curls around the whole head also using ¾” curling iron.
3. When curling each section try to make each curl going in the opposite direction of each other.
4.Brush out and play around with the curls, adding a sparkly accessory for a more formal touch.

Imane: Modern layered braid style

A 24 year old socialite from Morocco who enjoys fashion and food. Working by day, dressing up and finding New York City’s delicacies by night. She’s beautiful, young, outgoing, and her contagious laugh keeps good vibes all around.

For a quick fun and semi formal look we have taken her hair to a modern layered braid style

  1. Section hair in 4 [left and right side from ear forward and top from crown forward and back of crown to nape]
  2. Working in back section divide into 3 smooth ponytails using small elastic [Nape area, occipital area, and crown]
  3. Secure nape pony and continue putting elastics on every 2in or so.
  4. repeat with middle pony tail and bottom crown pony
  5. Taking both side sections into crown area and secure into last pony tail
  6. Now we will take all pony tails going up and securing with hidden bobby pins working your way straight up to top crown section where you will braid or secure your own design down
  7. Front section can now be brought over into natural wave and pinned around crown for finished look

Malvina: Grace Kelly inspired Look

Malvina is young multi talented French woman. When she’s not tap dancing, singing, writing music or performing and kind of arts. She works in the lower East side at this famous little Jazz spot “Jules”. I’ll dare you to attempt to go there duringBrunch. You could easily catch her singing with the band while she’ll be sitting customers or taking food orders.

The inspiration for the style was simply the glamorous years for Grace Kelly on the silver screen and the hairstyles of the 1950’s Hollywood screen actresses.

Using Kerastase Mousse bouffante comb throughout whole head

  1. Evenly comb product through hair and blow out
  2. Create deep side part
  3. Using hot rollers, roll hair in medium curl downward on both sides
  4. Repeat one more row on each side
  5. Let cool and remove
  6. Brushing out hair to smooth down, connect curls into one roll for end bumping under
  7. Using hairspray create light wave around face and ear and tuck hair under all around

Kelly: Romantic updo

For Kelly’s second look we were a bit riskier combining an edgy yet romantic updo.  Because Kelly has such long, thick hair we were able to give enough volume to pull her hair back to the side.  We added some lightness to her hair by giving wide, soft, romantic waves.  This is the perfect look for a formal night out!


  • Name: Kelly
  • Place of Birth: Basking Ridge, New Jersey
  • Favorite Music: House Music
  • Favorite Curse word: Fuck

Music Track: George Levin – The Better Life (featuring Clara Hill)

Music Track: The Who – Won’t Get Fooled Again

Kelly’s Fashion Romantic updo

  1. Smooth hair into low off-center ponytail using Kerastase Forme Fatale
  2. Take ponytail and braid into fishtail style
  3. Bring fishtail from back pinning onto hairline
  4. Secure ends into hair with pin and finished.

Cassandra: Wool Wire Fashion Design

It is clear when you walk into her Tribeca apartment that Cassandra is a warm and very rare person. Her love for her two cats, Knox and Vivienne (sound familiar? Think Brangelina…) is clear as she blows them kisses while David plays with her long, brown wavy hair.

Cassandra studied Art History at Fairfield University but took the path of Real Estate when she moved to New York City. Raised outside of New York in Short Hills, New Jersey she is a true East Coast girl.

Her usual hair routine consists of a smooth blow out that shows her subtle ombre, we wanted to try something a little different and played with these look.

Name: Cassandra
Place of Birth: New Jersey
Favorite Music: Oldies

Music Track: The Rolling Stones – Sympathy for the Devil

Wool Wire Fashion Design

Products used: Kerastase Short Mania [medium hold sculpting paste]
1. Bring hair together at top of crown for high pony tail
2. Separate pony tail into several sections
3. Tie wire around base of sectioned hair to secure
4.Twist wire tightly around each sectioned piece of hair repeat knot at bottom of strand
5. Bring all strands together wrapping into a messy bun on top of crown
6. Take excess wire and make your preferred design around head securing often with french pins

Stephanie (part 2): 1920’s feathered Bob


Stephanie is becoming a bit of an old timer! We saw her once before when we tied back her long hair into the Sleek Chic Bun. She recently took the plunge and chopped a long bob. With her new style we wanted to play up the shorter length. David was inspired to try a 1920’s short do and have some fun with a vintage feathered hairpiece.

Music Track: Patrice Rushen -Haven’t your Heard (Mikeandtess boot edit)

Spin on 1920’s classic finger wave

  • Using pincurl set and braided in the back.
  • Using 3/4 inch curling iron, create a set using lift vertige and laque couture kerastase
  • Remove clips, brush out take lenghs and pint it into the braid.
  • Finish with the feather accessory