Cassandra: Wool Wire Fashion Design

It is clear when you walk into her Tribeca apartment that Cassandra is a warm and very rare person. Her love for her two cats, Knox and Vivienne (sound familiar? Think Brangelina…) is clear as she blows them kisses while David plays with her long, brown wavy hair.

Cassandra studied Art History at Fairfield University but took the path of Real Estate when she moved to New York City. Raised outside of New York in Short Hills, New Jersey she is a true East Coast girl.

Her usual hair routine consists of a smooth blow out that shows her subtle ombre, we wanted to try something a little different and played with these look.

Name: Cassandra
Place of Birth: New Jersey
Favorite Music: Oldies

Music Track: The Rolling Stones – Sympathy for the Devil

Wool Wire Fashion Design

Products used: Kerastase Short Mania [medium hold sculpting paste]
1. Bring hair together at top of crown for high pony tail
2. Separate pony tail into several sections
3. Tie wire around base of sectioned hair to secure
4.Twist wire tightly around each sectioned piece of hair repeat knot at bottom of strand
5. Bring all strands together wrapping into a messy bun on top of crown
6. Take excess wire and make your preferred design around head securing often with french pins

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