Brunilde: The Girls of Paris SS/14

“My hair grows so fast!” Bru exclaimed, untying her waist-length blonde hair from a loose bun. “I went to a salon [in France] a year ago and asked them to cut my hair to my shoulders. They only cut an inch or two, so I went home and cut it myself!” she laughed.

“I moved from Paris to Chinatown about seven months ago,” she continued, “I love living there because there’s a lot of activity and movement. We could watch the Chinese New Year parade from the fire escape!” With straight hair parted dead center, inky leather boots, denim and a crop top with ruffled details—Bru’s vibe was very ‘60s bohemian. David was inspired by a modern, high fashion interpretation of this look, seen on the catwalks of Paris during the 2014 spring/summer fashion week. This Parisian look combines a very chic and sleek top with sexy curls and teased volume towards the ends. It’s a classic beauty look, but with just a few teaks looks fresh, trendy, and is easy to recreate!

1. First, I brushed out Bru’s hair with a blow drier trained at the roots and over the brush, to make the hair appear sleeker and shinier.

2. Turning my attention to the ends, I began rolling her hair partway up with a set of 1” hot rollers, spraying each section lightly withKerastase K Hair Spray. Once misted, I curled the locks under and pinned.

3. I continued across the back and along the sides, leaving the top layer of Bru’s hair for last. I pulled the sections by her ears back, taunt, so they remained flat to the head. Finally, I curled the top layer partway up with the same size rollers.

5. After 5 minutes or so, I removed the hot rollers then began to tease and brush. I backcombed, focusing all the teased volume to the ends of Bru’s hair.

6. Further developing that sleek top, I smoothed K Forme Fatale gel from the roots outward for a layer of pin-straight hair. Then, I used flat pins to pull the hair by her roots completely flat.

7. But back to fun part—her curls! I flipped Bru’s hair upside down and brushed, blow dried then mussed up the texture. Finally, I flipped her hair back and tucked behind the ears.

8. Channeling the quintessential ‘60s hippie, I parted directly down the center then split the hair so equal parts spilled down both shoulders. Remember, pin straight from the root, and messy-voluminous curls towards the end.

9. Set the look with another spray of Kerastase and voila! Parisian fashion week.

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