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Julia: Persian Ponytail

“I’ve got the traveling bug, I love to travel!” Julia smiled brightly, gushing about her latest globetrotting adventures, “I recently visited India, Indonesia, then got to wander all over Europe.” Originally from Uzbekistan, this irrepressibly friendly nurse spent years in Brooklyn but travels at every opportunity. Where’s her favorite spot in New York? “I like […]

Marine: Classic Curled Romance

Marine speaks in a lilting British accent with a dab of European finesse, and dresses simply in dark wash jeans, a soft black blouse with a matching blazer and slick ballet flats—due to a recent sprained ankle. She wears her shoulder length mahogany hair loose, and her olive skin is awash with natural freckles. She […]

Mallary: The Fishtail & The Cat Eye

“I spend a lot of time in the West Village,” Mallery smiled, sipping white wine at the salon. “It feels really cozy to me—it feels like home.” In a fast-paced, crowded city like New York, it’s important to be feel centered before joining the bustling crowd. Mallery? She’s up for it all. “I’m a very […]

Victoria: Fashion side chignon

Victoria is an Assistant Fashion designer in New York City. When she’s not designing, this North Carolina native likes to unwind, relax and try to stay pretty low-key. But don’t be mistaken, Victoria also likes to go out and enjoy New York City’s nightlife. Catch her on the dance floor one night and you’ll discover […]

Natalie: Sophia Loren-inspired look

Introducing Natalie, a transplant from Charlotte, North Carolina. Natalie moved to New York City to follow her passion for fashion and works in the fashion industry. This young woman has an extremely contagious smile that could easily turn into a pandemic. There is definitely something romantic about her and she has an exquisite beauty. Her […]

Imane: Modern layered braid style

A 24 year old socialite from Morocco who enjoys fashion and food. Working by day, dressing up and finding New York City’s delicacies by night. She’s beautiful, young, outgoing, and her contagious laugh keeps good vibes all around. For a quick fun and semi formal look we have taken her hair to a modern layered […]

Malvina: Grace Kelly inspired Look

Malvina is young multi talented French woman. When she’s not tap dancing, singing, writing music or performing and kind of arts. She works in the lower East side at this famous little Jazz spot “Jules”. I’ll dare you to attempt to go there duringBrunch. You could easily catch her singing with the band while she’ll […]