Amanda: Playful Rocker Look

Amanda. What? Hair dresser and receptionist. When? Since she was 15. Where? Amanda lives in the Bronx. How Long? Born and raised in New York. With a short styled crop and long lashed doe eyes, Amanda exudes playful vibe with a rock n’ roll twist. “I like my hair messy and wild! I’m pretty busy, so I usually wet it before bed then add conditioner for great texture the next day.”

Soon after joining us in the salon, Amanda rolled up her sleeves and unbuttoned her jean blouse for a peek at elaborate ink designs. “I love tattoos—I have a tattoo on my chest, one on my side and the words Carpe Diem on my hand. I don’t have to keep my tats covered for work as long as I wear all black. I love it!” Amanda’s cut is similar to Jennifer Lawrence’s new pixie, so we used the actress’ lively look as inspiration and give it an edgy twist.

Hair How To With David:

1. A frisky cropped coif  calls for styling paste plus lots of hands on attention! I began by combing Amanda’s hair into an extreme side part.

2. We’re going for a sleek look at the bottom layer, so I applied Davines Hold Crème around ear level then combed around the back to follow the shape of Amanda’s neck. I left the top hair layer untouched.

3. With a blow drier on low heat, I brushed to smooth and set this sleek layer.

4. Amanda’s tousled, playful rocker look is all about the texture! Straightened hair is easier to style, so I flat ironed the untouched layer to prep her look.

5. Then, I teased with K Kerastase sculpting hair paste and created distinct pieces by squeezing locks together to emphasize Amanda’s cut and layers.

6. Once her hair was wild with piecey volume, I set the look with Kerastase hair spray. Finally, I styled the crown for an added bump of volume that brings attention to the face.

Voila! Amanda’s hair looked playful and sexy.

Beauty How To With Roberto:

Always begin your makeup application with a good moisturizer—with Amanda I used a brush for quicker and more even application. I dabbed concealer under the eyes and the point of her brows and filled in her brows for a stronger look.  Since Amanda’s face is heart shaped, I brushed her blush high on the cheekbones, where I would typically use a highlighter. This flatters her facial structure!

Emphasizing her doe eyes is easy—I smoothed glittery shadow crème all over the lids, then penciled her lash line thickly with a purple liner to bring Amanda’s hazel eyes pop. An overworked look is no fun, so I blended a dot of highlighter on her lids and just under the brow.  This highlights your shape in a flattering way! For an edgy finish, I blended lip shades for a unique plum that complemented Amanda’s tone.

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