Adrienne: Vintage-Modern Bob

Adrienne strolled in with knee high, zip-up patent leather boots, jet-black stockings and a slim fit olive dress. Once in our salon seat, off came the leather jacket, and out came a plunging V back cutout—a surprising flash of skin. This New Jersey girl is full of surprises! What are her favorite fashion basics? “I like my boots. I like edgy, different looks. I mix things up, and I like my leather jacket.”

Adrienne is an active, health conscious model who enjoys cross country runs. Describing last year’s Color Me Rad run; “you get covered in color, you look like a tie dyed shirt,” she laughed. For motivation to dash across the finish line she says, “you’ve made it this far, why would you quit now?” To update her ‘do, David Cotteblanche took cues from vintage bobs and injected modern volume.

How To:
– For Adrienne’s hair, I decided to start with a gloss to remove highlights and make her color richer. The gloss we used was demi permanent, so it will slowly fade as her hair glows.

– First, I trimmed into her hair, which was naturally quite thick with wavy-curly texture. I layered at an angle from the jawline to the back of her head raise volume—layers in a roundish shape.

– Then the styling began. I spritzed all over with Sea Salt Kerastase spray to enhance the waves and create texture. Scrunching these waves for more definition, I used a diffuser to mostly dry her hair. To avoid frizz and protect the shape, I kept it on medium speed with soft heat.

– For all over volume, I used a blow drier to blow air straight up. At this point, Adrienne had a head full of big, bouncy curls—her vibe was a 1930s post-flapper lady with major modern sass.

– To shine and define, I squeezed the curls with a pinch of pomade, Glossy Plasidue No. 6. I scrunched and repeated until ringlets were a sexy mix of defined and defiant. Since her hair seemed a bit too dry at this point, I used more salt spray to give the style it a more natural look.

Voila! Adrienne walked out with a modern bob that nodded to the classic.


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